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McCain Glioblastoma...Cell Phone cautionary tale

Our society is addicted to cell phones and a doubling of rates of cell phones related brain tumors to 1 in 12,000 clearly is not going to stop wireless technology - at the most it may make people a bit more careful. Therefore, and as I have been arguing for a long time, our case should not focus on cell phones and not on cancer especially NOT on one cancer like brain tumor but always make the case that the chronic all body exposure to wireless devices, the ambient radiation from Wi-Fi and cell towers is associated with MANY CANCERS as the NTP showed. You can turn off cell phones NOT your neighbor's wi-fi, the city wi-fi or the 5G cell tower...

Nevertheless - clearly we should use names of famous people who had tumors to help our case people like Johnny Cocron, Cherl Crow, Labron James, Ted Kennedy and Beau Biden and McCain...

McCain Glioblastoma
While we all have been talking about McCain's Glioblastoma - it seems that we forgot to think about that lump he used to have on the left side, in the cheek area. Today I remembered it and decided to check. 

Part of McCain Salivary Gland was Removed. 
Following is what I found and it is summarized in an NPR article

McCaine had 4 melanomas removed since 1993 and the last one in 2002. 

In 2000 he underwent an operation because of an invasive melanoma above his left ear - again a location associated with cell phone use.  

In that operation, the doctors also removed the lump in the area of his left cheek. They removed a section of skin that was 2.2mm thick and 2cm across. They also removed a 6cm patch of skin 

The operation also involved the removal of the parotid salivary gland and 33 lymph nodes in the senator's neck...

According to an article in the NY Times the salivary gland and 33 lymph nodes were removed as precautionary measure in case the melanoma spread since the article claims there is not way to check if the melanoma spread or not. 

The NPR has another explanation - according to NPR the salivary gland was removed to reduce inflammation....when there are different versions there is a good reason to suspect that not all the facts are being disclosed. 

Even he didn't have cancer in the salivary gland, the bottom line - the invasive melanoma was above his left ear (cell phone location)....and the lump in his left cheek developed exactly where his cell phone was held and where people devleloped tumors from cell phone - salivary gland tumors....and then he developed the Glioblastoma - all on the left side. 

McCain was left handed. 

The following picture leaves no doubt as to what likely caused his tumors: 

BTW - The basketball player Labron James had salivary gland tumor. Most do not know about it because shortly after the operation to remove it Samsung paid him many millions of $ to become its spokesperson. Sounds like the kind of thing industry will do to keep someone cognitive dissonance in check...

2008: 2 Cell Towers Were Installed on McCain's Property
While by now - most people would have made the correlation to cell phone use - in the case of McCain it seems that the hundreds of thousands of dollars he was paid by the wireless industry were a strong incentive for a severe case of cognitive dissonance and In 2008 he had 2 cell towers installed on his property

So when talking about McCain and the effects of cell phone use & wireless on his health you can mention the following: 

1. had melanoma above his left ear 
2. Had lump on his left cheek - an internal skin growth - again in the area where he held his cell phone. 
3. His salivary gland was removed. 
4. 33 lymph nodes in his neck were remove
5. He had Glioblastoma - a cell phone cancer - again on the left side.
6. McCain was left handed. 
7. He had 2 cell towers installed on his property. 
8. Sen. Ted Kennedy and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden (Joe Biden's son) also died from Glioblastoma and both told people in their families that it is the cell phone that caused their cancer. They were right. 
9. McCain died on the same day as Senator Kennedy, 9 years later. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

No national safety standards in the US for safe levels of wireless radiation exposure

Did you know that there are no national safety standards in the US for safe levels of wireless radiation exposure, and that cell phones were allowed for sale in the US by the FDA before any market safety testing was done?  

Because cell phones were exempted by the FDA from market safety testing, subsequent similar technologies like Wi-Fi was exempted too from market safety testing.  The current US government (FCC) exposure limits are only guidelines based on the level of microwave radiation that could cause thermal effects,  which were adopted from industry over 20 years ago.  This means that the government exposure guidelines only protect against tissue heating, and not against harmful biological effects  which have been found to occur at orders of magnitude lower than the thermal guidelines.  In the FCC’s own words, “there is no federally developed national standard for safe levels of exposure to radiofrequency (RF) energy"  . guides/wireless-devices-and-he alth-concerns

So the FDA commissioned the US NTP (National Toxicology Program) in the 1990s to do a study on cell phone radiation to determine if there are health effects https://ntp.niehs.nih. gov/results/areas/cellphones/
In May 2016, the preliminary results were released, which found that 3% of the rats exposed to cell phone radiation developed gliomas or Schwannomas (rare cancer of the heart, originating from Schwann cells, a type of glial cell)  Rats NOT exposed to cell phone radiation did NOT develop any form of cancer.   Results were statisically significant.  This was a well-controlled, $25 million study nt/early/2016/05/26/055699  
Decades later, this $25 million NTP animal study is finally undergoing peer review right now, and the peer review panel has voted that there is "clear evidence of carcinogenic activity" from cell phone radiation on March 28, 2018.  ("Clear Evidence" is the highest rating) 018/4/feature/feature-2-cell-p hone/index.htm?WT.mc_id=efacto remail_redesign  

This is a very significant acknowledgement by the US government which could lead to changes in current cell phone radiation exposure limits and the World Health Organization ugrading its current classification of radiofrequency radiation from a class 2B "possible carcinogen" to a higher category (higher categories are class 2A "probable carcinogen" or class 1 "known carcinogen") http://pocketnow. com/2018/04/05/who-carinogenic -wireless-radiation-up

------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Some important recent papers on Wi-Fi

1) Taheri M et al.  Evaluation of the Effect of Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted From Wi-Fi Router and Mobile Phone Simulator on the Antibacterial Susceptibility of Pathogenic Bacteria Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli.   Dose Response. 2017 Jan 23;15(1):1559325816688527. doi: 10.1177/1559325816688527. eCollection 2017 Jan-Mar.

 Exposure to 900 MHz GSM mobile phone radiation and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radiofrequency radiation emitted from common Wi-Fi routers alters the susceptibility of microorganisms to different antibiotics. The pure cultures of Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli were exposed to RF-EMFs generated either by a GSM 900 MHz mobile phone simulator and a common 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi router. It is also shown that exposure to RF-EMFs within a narrow level of irradiation (an exposure window) makes microorganisms resistant to antibiotics. This adaptive phenomenon and its potential threats to human health should be further investigated in future experiments. Altogether, the findings of this study showed that exposure to Wi-Fi and RF simulator radiation can significantly alter the inhibition zone diameters and growth rate for L monocytogenes and E coli. These findings may have implications for the management of serious infectious diseases. 

2) Pall, Martin.  Wi-Fi is an Important Threat to Human Health.  Environmental Research 2018 Mar 21;164:405-416. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2018.01.035.

Repeated Wi-Fi studies show that Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload. Each of these effects are also caused by exposures to other microwave frequency EMFs, with each such effect being documented in from 10 to 16 reviews. Therefore, each of these seven EMF effects are established effects of Wi-Fi and of other microwave frequency EMFs. Each of these seven is also produced by downstream effects of the main action of such EMFs, voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activation. While VGCC activation via EMF interaction with the VGCC voltage sensor seems to be the predominant mechanism of action of EMFs, other mechanisms appear to have minor roles. Minor roles include activation of other voltage-gated ion channels, calcium cyclotron resonance and the geomagnetic magnetoreception mechanism. Five properties of non-thermal EMF effects are discussed. These are that pulsed EMFs are, in most cases, more active than are non-pulsed EMFs; artificial EMFs are polarized and such polarized EMFs are much more active than non-polarized EMFs; dose-response curves are non-linear and non-monotone; EMF effects are often cumulative; and EMFs may impact young people more than adults. These general findings and data presented earlier on Wi-Fi effects were used to assess the Foster and Moulder (F&M) review of Wi-Fi. The F&M study claimed that there were seven important studies of Wi-Fi that each showed no effect. However, none of these were Wi-Fi studies, with each differing from genuine Wi-Fi in three distinct ways. F&M could, at most conclude that there was no statistically significant evidence of an effect. The tiny numbers studied in each of these seven F&M-linked studies show that each of them lack power to make any substantive conclusions. In conclusion, there are seven repeatedly found Wi-Fi effects which have also been shown to be caused by other similar EMF exposures. Each of the seven should be considered, therefore, as established effects of Wi-Fi.
3) Ding et al, Moderate Dose of Trolox Preventing the Deleterious Effects of Wi-Fi Radiation on Spermatozoa In vitro through Reduction of Oxidative Stress Damage.  Chin Med J (Engl). 2018 Feb 20;131(4):402-412. doi: 10.4103/0366-6999.225045.
Study showed that 2.45 GHz Wi‑Fi radiation emitted from a smart phone damaged human sperm in vitro through the effects of oxidative stress on sperm DNA and mitochondria. Trolox, a water-soluble derivative of vitamin E, could mitigate the harmful effects of 2.45 GHz Wi‑Fi electromagnetic radiation by inhibiting oxidative stress damage to sperm DNA and mitochondria. Results were statistically significant (p<0.001).  Trolox has been used as an antioxidant therapy against excessive reactive oxygen species (ROS) in myocardial injury and diabetic retinopathy.

4) Kamali K et al.  Effects of electromagnetic waves emitted from 3G+wi-fi modems on human semen analysis.   Urologia. 2017 Oct 25;84(4):209-214. doi: 10.5301/uj.5000269. Epub 2017 Sep 14. 

Free Full-Text

Study showed that at levels below FCC exposure limit of 1.6W/kg SAR, modems emitting Wi-Fi and 3G signals simultaneously caused a significant decrease in human sperm motility and velocity.  Results were statistically significant  (p = 0.046)

5) Ibitayo AO, et al.   RAPD Profiling, DNA Fragmentation, and Histomorphometric Examination in Brains of Wistar Rats Exposed to Indoor 2.5 Ghz Wi-Fi Devices Radiation.   Biomed Res Int. 2017;2017:8653286. doi: 10.1155/2017/8653286. Epub 2017 Aug 20.

"The effect of [2.5GHz] Wi-Fi radiation exposure as a threat to brain health was studied using genomic analysis and histopathological study which showed the high risk of its genotoxicity especially in prolonged exposure spectrum through the findings from this study. The genomic analysis confirmed DNA damage due to Wi-Fi radiation toxicity and DNA damage effect which was seen through the RAPD profiles of animals from the exposed groups. The histopathological analyses also confirmed significant deleterious alterations in the brain tissues of Wi-Fi-exposed animals. Hence, the need to exhibit caution in handling smart devices that are used from day to day is fast becoming a threat to human health and wellness. "

Includes images of damaged brain tissue.

5) A list of 100+ studies on health effects of Wi-Fi complied through 2015:  http://www.mainecoalitiontost uploads/2016/02/WiFi-and- Device-Studies-Final.pdf  

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Triple Glioma Brain Cancer Risk w/ Cell/Cordless Use. Increased risk among under 20's

November 2014:  study published in Pathophysiology: The risk for glioma (a type of brain cancer) was tripled among those using a wireless phone for more than 25 years and that the risk was also greater for those who had started using mobile or cordless phones before age 20 years.  Data from 6 cancer centers in Sweden.  Study attached. 

The actual numbers of gliomas caused by cellphones may be much higher, says neurosurgeon and health expert Dr. Russell Blaylock. "Because of problems with reporting, many gliomas are never reported," he tells Newsmax Health. "It may take over ten years of heavy use to see a dramatic rise, and with younger ages now using cellphones for long periods and sleeping on them, we will definitely see a tremendous rise in brain tumors in the next ten years."  

Many studies that show cellphones are safe have been financed by the cellphone industry, he says. "Most studies were designed by the companies and conducted for too short a time to see statistical changes.  "The microwaves emitted by cellphones have been shown to cause DNA damage and induce inflammation — chronic inflammation in tissues eventually leads to cancer in a higher number or users," Dr. Blaylock said. "I would bet that the microwaves in the brain activate microglia and this triggers immunoexcitotoxicity —one of the main mechanism of glioma development." 

"I think there is going to be a tremendous effect years from now," he said. "The effects on some people will be minimal, but millions of others, especially those who have DNA repair defects, are going to have a significantly higher incidence of cancer, degenerative brain disorders and brain injuries. If you are a part of that 10 or 15 percent, your incidence is going to be extremely high, and you won’t even know it.  "Cellphones aren't harmless," says Dr. Blaylock. "There is considerable evidence that cell phones damage the brain as well as other tissues and organs." 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

New York PTA Calls For Wi-Fi To Be Turned Off: Major Wifi Controvery as School District is Served With Legal Liability Notice

From our Friends at Safetech Schools Maryland. Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New York PTA Calls For Wi-Fi To Be Turned Off: Major Wifi Controvery as School District is Served With Legal Liability Notice

In this video an Onteora School District Trustee reads the Phoenicia PTA's Letter
where the PTA calls for the Wi-Fi to be turned OFF. 

Facts About the New York State Onteora School District Wi-Fi Debate

1. Parents initiated a dialogue on the health risks of Wireless radiation. The Board grappled with the decision to turn the Wi-Fi off while gathering data. The local Woodstock Times paper covered some of the debate. 
Listen to a Sixth grader talk about her WiFi concerns. 

2. The District created a Wi-Fi Task Force
According to the Board minutes, the Task force was charged to "Review studies and determine if precautionary principle should be done for our youngest students, which is to remove Wi-Fi from the elementary building until the industry proves it is safe. Look at both sides of the research and most up-to-date research. They were to consider the health implications and pros and cons in terms of technology in 21stcentury learning and get Input from administrators and school personnel." They were to make a recommendation to the Board. Read about it in the Onteroa meeting minutes of August 11, 2015 (page 27, point 11) here. 

Watch a video where the Board discusses the WiFi Task Force  here.

3. In March a Notice of Wi-Fi Radiation Legal  Liability Was Served to New York School District Board of Education Members

The Wi-Fi Task Force was formed to gather information. Then  it was disbanded by the Board of Education without any transparency in the process. 

Parents served the New York Onteroa School District Superintendent Victoria Mclaren and Board of Education members a notice of their liability concerning the health risks from the wi-fi installation in this New York school district on the March 15, 2016 Board of Education Meeting. 

"You have been urged to hardwire all your computers in the schools."

" Ignoring the above documented information and documented statements and proceeding with the use of WiFi routers in the schools, you are committing willful blindness and can be liable for child negligence, or possibly even "negligent endangerment of child" which carries with it criminal law repercussions if any student gets injured from the schools WiFi system and a parent decides to press charges."

Please watch below the video where parents served the Board members with this notice  If you are wondering why we cannot see the parents, we were wondering the same thing. You can watch the full Board meeting at this link to the School District website. 


  1. Board members who voted in for keeping the Wi-Fi are now personally liable if a child is harmed by the wireless radiation exposures. 
  2. They could be  sued for "willful blindness","child negligence" or possibly even charged with  "reckless endangerment of a child" of which the latter carries criminal penalties.
  3. The BOE is held liable for violating  "Open Government Law," by  misusing  "Executive Session" option designed  to  keep public  agencies court strategies private   when  litigation  is  in process. The Board apparently disbanded the Wi-Fi Task Force  and denied access of  the minutes of that meeting to the public. The BOE then stated "the efficacy  of the group"  was the reason for disbanding it. 

Concerned parents in the United States can also send   notarized  " No-Consent to WiFi "  letters  to their BOE. This an important step towards accountability. 

Examples of A Parents Do NOT CONSENT Letter For Schools:

Watch a video of Onteroa School Parent call for the Wi-Fi to be turned off 
in an October 27, 2015 Board Meeting. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Vienna Medical Association sets new "10 Medical Mobile Rules"

Vienna Medical Association sets new "10 Medical Mobile Rules"
Here is the translation, and original follows in German:

 In principle: as little and make calls as short as possible - use a landline or write SMSChildren and teenagers under 16 years old should carry cell phones only for emergencies!
 "The distance is your friend- the phone away or pay attention to the manufacturer's recommended in the manual distance during the call set-up of the head and bodyTake advantage of the built-in speakerphone or a headset!
• Do not position when using headsets or integrated hands-free mobile phones directly on the body - special caution applies here for pregnant women. In men, mobile phones are a risk to fertility in your pocket. Persons with electronic implants (pacemakers, insulin pumps et cetera) must pay attention to distance. Unless otherwise possible: outer coat pocket, backpack or purse to use!
• Not in vehicles (car, bus, train) calls - without an external antenna, the radiation in the vehicle is higher. In addition, you will be distracted and you molest in public transport the other passengers!
• During steering the auto exists absolute SMS and internetworking ban - the distraction leads to self-endangerment and endangering other road users!
• Calls at home and at work via the fixed network - Internet access via LAN cable (eg via ADSL, VDSL, fiber optic) is not irradiated, is fast and secure data. Duration Radiant DECT cordless telephones, WLAN access points, data sticks and LTE Home base stations (Box, Cube et cetera) should be avoided!
• Walk often offline or use Airplane mode - for functions such as listening to music, camera, alarm clock, calculator or Offline games is not always an internet connection required!
• Fewer apps means less radiation - Minimize the number of apps and disable the most unnecessary background services on your smartphone. Disabling "Mobile services" / "data network mode" turns the smartphone again a cell phone. You can still be reached, but avoid a lot of unnecessary radiation by background traffic!
• Avoid the phone calls in places with poor reception (basement, elevator et cetera) - in such situations increase the mobile transmit power. Use in poor reception quality a headset or the speakerphone!
• The purchase of mobile phones of a very low SAR value and an external antenna connector ensure!
Adapted and supplemented considering the latest scientific findings

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

EMF and dementia risk studies released

Here's the link to the dementia study  Also at the bottom of the links are comments by physicians as to what they believe is causing this increase in neurological deaths, including one by retired American neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock who believes it's a combination of environmental toxins, diet (high glycemic/sugar), trans fats, vaccines, and oxidized N- 6 oils (I think that means polyunsaturated omega 6 oils prevalent in most vegetable oils), as well as RF radiation.

I plotted the data from the study so I can visualize it more clearly (data was not plotted in the study).  The resulting graphs are very disturbing.  Finland and USA have the highest neurological deaths. (Why is Finland so high?) Comparing 2010 data to 20 years ago, neurological deaths have gone up in the age>75 group, in ALL countries, ranging from 22% (Greece) to 412% (USA).  In the age 55-74 group, neurological deaths have gone up compared to 20 years ago in 12 out of the 21 countries (US, Finland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Japan); 9 out of 21 had declines or stayed about the same (Belgium, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Norway, Canada, France, Switzerland).  These graphs make excellent visuals to show the increase in neurological deaths.  Excel data file attached.

Please take a look at this very important data presented graphically.  Also, feel free to use or distribute.  This info. should also go out to other public health specialists/physicians, especially those concerned with RF radiation as well as the over 200 scientists who signed the Appeal, and your political representatives.  (I will forward to Libby Kelley and ask her to forward to the Appeal scientists)  Does anyone have a meeting with WHO in the near future?  If so, this data should be presented to them as well.

1) Overall >age 75
Highest Increases: USA 412%, Denmark 322%, Portugal 336%, Finland 219%, Sweden 212%, Norway 206%
Overall Average Increase: 151%!

a) Males >age 75 
 Highest Increases: Finland 208%, USA 268%, Denmark 239%, Portugal 290%
Overall Average Increase:  115%!

b) Females >age 75 
 Highest Increases: USA 563%, Denmark 415%, Portugal 395%
Overall Average Increase: 186%!

2) Overall  ages 55-74
Highest Increases:  Greece 75%, USA 64%, Portugal 60%, Finland 48%, Denmark 44%
Overall Average Increase: 15%

a) Males ages 55-74
Highest Increases:  USA 82%, Greece 78%, Portugal 69%, Finland 68%, Denmark 65%
Overall Average Increase: 18%

b) Females ages 55-74
Highest Increases:  Greece 72%, USA 48%, Portugal 48%
Overall Average Increase: 12%